Endless Climbing was born out of a love of climbing and a desire to apply the lessons learned through decades of practice to create something tangible and purposeful. Our goal is to enhance the climbing experience through optimized gear and creative solutions that make sessions smoother and blend cohesively with climbers' daily needs. We carefully design and thoroughly test our products to ensure they are of the highest possible quality and worthy of addition to a discerning climber's kit.  
Our home is on the northern end of the front range of Colorado and our backyard hosts a lifetime's worth of developed climbing and seemingly endless amounts of undeveloped rock; which fuels our inspiration and provides the perfect testing grounds for new ideas and innovations.

Matt Robbin - Owner/Chief Product Designer

Position - Owner, product designer, most other things
Years climbing - 24
Why climbing? - I love climbing because it is an objective without end that offers a way of living life. There are many aspects of the sport to experience ranging from different disciplines, to creative endeavors such as developing or setting, to training, to travel and so on. Every few years my main focus tends to shift to a different aspect so climbing remains endlessly interesting. It’s also equal parts mental and physical so it can be wholly encompassing.  
Areas of expertise? - bouldering, sport, bouldering development, setting
Other sports you do? - cycling - mostly mountain biking these days


Alton Richardson - Creative/Brand Director

Name - Alton "AltieBoo" Richardson
Position - Creative Thinker, Pixel Pusher, the gas pedal 
Climbing Since - Officially since 2007.
Why climbing? It’s my rotational axis. 
Areas of expertise in climbing? - Overly complicated anchor and rigging systems, The V6 and under circuit in the Buttermilks Main, routesetting but specifically; hold blocking 
Other sports you do? - Skateboarding, Ski-Mountaineering, Cycling, Fly Fishing